Natural Horsemanship on Orcas

When horses follow your leadership happily, with no resistance, you know you are on the right path.

People often say to me: "I want the kind of relationship with my horses that you have with yours." to greet them at the gate, follow them willingly, enjoy their company, want to please....

They tell me they are looking to connect. Unlike the tradtional horse training methods that follow a dominance model, based on learned helplessness. I use positive reinforcement and natural methods that create an interspecies bond
Working with horses is about being in the NOW!
It's about using your mind not your strength. It's about paying attention to the little things: the tight mouth, the choppy gait,
the soft eye or the loosely swinging tail. Most importantly, you will learn to work with the horse, not against him.

Once you have a bond, everything is easier!

You can learn the skills for building a partnership
with horses. Although it seems magical, there is a system
and there are keys to developing a relationship. You will begin by focusing on the emotional needs of the horses, their need
for safety, companionship and leadership.

You will learn to use psychology, knowledge and understanding rather than the more tradtional methods which involve force, mechanics and fear.

Learn to communicate like a horse.

Horses use touch, eye contact and movement to communicate - often very subtle movement: a twitch of an ear, a sideways glance.

They are keen observers, as prey animals their lives depend on it. If you want to be successful in your communication with horses, you need to become a keen observer as well.

A good leader does not need force, instead you can learn to be observant, focused and use proper timing to communicate with horses.

The keys to the heart of a horse.

How we learn to relate to a horse will mirror EVERY relationship we will ever have -most importantly, the one we have with ourselves.

"Kat's workshop was like swimming in the sea of accelerated learning - it was perfect!"

'I have never had an experience working with horses, (even my own) like working with Kate's mustangs! It is transformational!

Groundwork strengthens relationships!

“Kate is a real horsemanship educator, she lives and breathes learning with horses. Kate can guide you to the place where the horse WANTS to be with you, where you and the horse think of one another as Thou. Her work aims at creating and improving loving and respectful horse/human relationships and THAT will make changes in your whole life, not just in the horse pasture! “

The focus is right relationship with the horse. All else follows from that. Kate can teach you how to touch your horse's heart.”
Ken Wood
Fear issues - yes,
lots of us have them!
Betty never expected to ride again....
" Kate! Leo & I had a great time today! I just slowed down and was relaxed and was more clear and he was so responsive... my goodness, he is so darn sensitive and responsive, it blows my mind! "
Thank you again! Betty
"Dear Kate,Jan.20, 2012

Your work with your mustangs is so wonderful. I hope everyone who reads my blog watches your video. (video below)
You are certainly a poster child for what I hope people can have the opportunity to experience.

Carolyn (Resnick)