Natural Horsemanship on Orcas

Meet the Mustangs!

Black Elk

Quiet and kind - great for building confidence!

Black Elk was adopted from the wild at 3 years old from the mountains of Northern Nevada. He's a big guy, 16-2 or more and very much like a warmblood. He is a LBI (left brain introvert) and has lots to teach you.

Black Elk is calm in demeanor, kind and wise. If you need to build or rebuild confidenece, he is the horse for you! He moves slowly and is easy to sit.

He's excellent at lateral work and lovely to ride bareback on a lunge. His gaits are smooth as water and his canter is round, slow and like a rocking horse!

He was gentled using a clicker and postivie reinforcement and he enjoys silly games.
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Sweetheart and her foal

Sweetheart was adopted from the BLM from the Kiger Herd. in October of 2015, as a long yearling. She has proven to be just like her name. She has a strong Madonna like presence, and we should not have been surprised that she was in foal!

On March 18th, she gave birth to a healthy and beautiful filly, who I imagine will look just like her!

While she does not work with students, I do use her for demonstrating concepts and natural behaviors from the wild. She is a fabulous mother, can be both firery and calm, a fancy mover and we enjoy a strong bond.

Shaman - RIP 8/26/2015

Shaman was a Kiger from Steens Mountain in eastern Oregon, adopted from the wild at 6 months, He is very Spanish in his conformation, with a short, strong back, beautiful neck and collected movements.

He likes to learn new tricks and will chase anything from barrels to chickens! He'll stand on platforms, side pass and circle at liberty. He's a very pretty boy and everyone loves him. He has been lightly ridden and is only suitable for an experieced, athletic rider, but is excellent on the ground teaching liberty and on line work. He was a star at a recent Robin Gates Clinic. (video available upon request)


Sweet, Kind, trained in lower level Dressage

Rascal is an 13 year old gelding adopted from the Paisley Desert in Oregon. He is funny and full of mischief, with a new idea every minute! He is a left brained extrovert while at home in the arena, but can be right brained when stressed.

He has a very strong play drive and loves to interact and play with people. He is very well mannered on the ground, energetic in his liberty work, and quiet under saddle. He tries very hard to please. He often hums to me while being ridden, nickers and talks to me if concerned, he likes to wrap his neck around me and give me a hug!

People often comment that our horses are the happiest and most engaging horses they have ever met.


Peaches is 5 months old. She is bold and outgoing and sweet as her name. If you have a foal in your future, you may want to spend some time learning about how to interact and begin training. She comes when called, follows at liberty, backs up and is becoming more well mannered around treats! 8/25/16


Learn Liberty Work!

Ranger was adopted the same time as Rascal, at 18 months old, he is from Beatty's Butte in Oregon, and like Shaman shows a very Spanish background.

Our most engergetic horse; he loves working at liberty! Working with Ranger - our more advanced students a chance to learn how to moderate their energy and communicate with a very sensitive horse who has retainned much of his natual caution.

He is light, responsive and will teach you the importance of release and focus. Once he learns something he's got it down perfectly and forever. His mane is long and wavy and down past his shoulder, he is the boss of the herd, despite his size!