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Horse Power

John Michael MusselmanJuly 24 at 1:44pm ·
Horse Power~

The term holds so much weight within our culture. But the beings from which this measurement is taken express virtues far more potent than the mere strength and speed held within their bodies. Their true, hidden power exists within a realm that you can only reach through feeling~ and that you can only fully experience with a deep belief in your most wild magic. This is a magic far older than words…and it is spoken directly from the Heart.

My whole life I have secretly longed to hear those silent voices communicating within the forest; to comprehend the infinite ribbon of song woven throughout all of Nature. I have cried at the feet of trees, knowing that their messages were just outside of my mind’s ability to listen and understand. There is grief in remembering how much we have forgotten.

Slowly, over time, I had convinced myself that such miracles were meant solely for some rare and chosen few. Until a few weeks ago~ when a big, shy Mustang named Black Elk (along with his loving “mother” Kate) shattered this belief upon one of the most amazing journeys of self-discovery that I have ever experienced.

As is the natural way with these gentle giants, Black Elk called me into my highest human qualities… and would allow no less. Only when I stood in my fullest presence~ radiating an empowered sense of unconditional love and self-respect~ would he offer his trust, and follow my lead. I began to explore the invisible tether between our energetic bodies~ which at first was almost too intense, and on the verge of excruciating. To feel on levels that have been shut down for so long, was to almost feel too much. But after those first waves of sensation passed, there remained only a subtle “knowing”…. along with a timeless peace and grateful adoration that extended to this sacred being, and so to all of life.

The true gift of this adjusted ability to “tune in” would continue on for hours after a session, without any effort. I could touch into anything upon which I set my awareness… and to my heart’s greatest delight, I began to hear the world speak. With a quieted mind, I felt the earth’s song. I felt the Universe moving in the Dragonfly….. And I was happy.

All Blessings to the Horse Nation ~ May their true gift to humanity never be forgotten.
(The style of horsemanship that I was introduced to– known commonly as Liberty Horse Training– is an incredibly profound and accessible form of animal communication. If you happen to find yourself up on Orcas Island, please consider getting a hold of my friend, Kate Wood:

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